Lyndon’s BBQ

The Problem

Things move fast in today’s business world, and especially when we are talking about great website design. What may have worked for you years ago is probably outdated now - or at least that is what the case was with Lyndon’s BBQ when they contacted us. Their website wasn’t offering enough options to their potential clients, which led to operational issues and plenty of missed opportunities.

The Solution

When creating restaurant web design, it is important to immediately spark the appetite of website visitors while also presenting the concept of the establishment. To do this, we used professional close-up images of some of the most delicious dishes served at Lyndon’s BBQ, which was one of the things that led to a surge in sales - but that was just the beginning. In the restaurant business, the functionalities that you offer in your website are a key to success. For example, before they came to us, their website did not feature an operational online ordering system. For one thing, this meant that they did not get as much sales as they could. For another, the sales they did get slowed down their work and negatively impacted the experience of clients in the restaurant, as they had to get orders over the phone, which took a lot of their time. The time wasted in doing technical work was becoming an obstacle to their growth. In response to that, we developed a custom online ordering solution that minimized discrepancies in the ordering process, while saving the team a lot of time. We also made sure that this option, along with the restaurant’s menu and specials, is visible throughout the website, which combined with the tempting pictures of their amazing food led to them attracting a lot of new clients, accepting more orders, and respectively enjoying higher revenue. The great thing about attracting new clients when you are great at what you do is not only the immediate sale, but the fact that in the long term, these patrons come back and recommend you to their friends. So, by adding this functionality to their website, we literally expanded their marketing outreach.

The Client

Lyndon’s BBQ is a family-owned restaurant located in East Texas. It opened doors in 1997. For meat lovers, this place is heaven, but you can also order seafood and wide variety of tasty salads. Lyndon’s BBQ offer daily specials, a dine-in menu, holiday menu and even catering services.

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