Homeland Properties

The Problem

The prosperity of your business is often defined by the prosperity of your competitors. Homeland Properties - a real estate company based in Texas, contacted us a while back with a problem - their website was outdated in comparison to their competitors’ websites, and their functionality was not nearly as efficient.

The Solution

Homeland Properties is a company that features various types of properties. Clients know them for their traditional culture, so it was important to keep that a part of their online presence. Because of this, it was a challenge for us to create a modern website that fit their requirements while still reflecting their traditional spirit. From a website design perspective, we did that by using rustic elements and certain colors that speak that “retro” language. After we handled the design portion of the web development, we focused on what was even more important - improving the website’s functionality. The first thing we paid attention to there was to ensure properties are showcased in a professional manner and that it is easy for potential buyers to navigate through them, as well as to search for what they need according to different criteria. This improved user experience, which increased conversion rates almost immediately. Another feature we added was a complex custom back-end tool that allowed the Homeland Properties team to make frequent updates to current listings, add new ones and remove those that are sold - effortlessly and without any technical knowledge. This optimized the operational processes in their office, which translated into more time for their agents to focus on buyers and sellers. To top it all off, we optimized each and every page of their new website to improve their rankings on search engines, which nowadays is a key marketing tool for any up-to-date business. After this was completed, the Homeland Properties’ website was up to par and even better than their competitors’ websites.

The Client

Homeland Properties is a Texas based real estate brokerage firm that connects buyers and sellers of commercial properties, residential properties and land. Among the local community they are known for being knowledgeable and professional. Most real estate agents in their team have decades of experience doing what they do, and we are proud to be an integral part of their team.

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