Medical Web Design

Healthcare is already a source of pride and a valued resource within your community—and our web design and development services can help you to build on your success with an online presence that boosts patient growth seemingly effortlessly.

At 71Three, we help healthcare providers to increase their online profile and gain new patients through professional website design and development combined with targeted marketing methods that communicate the professionalism, security, and friendliness of your practice.

Although we are based in Houston, we have helped medical providers across the country to build their practice into an authoritative presence in their local area with award-winning designs and content that builds trust.

Your practice delivers cutting-edge medical treatment to your patients: our expert team builds websites that use the latest technology for a smooth experience and pleasing User Experience that rewards their loyalty. All the while, inspiring confidence that they have made the right choice in picking your practice above your local competitors.

Beautifully Responsive Design

It is not good enough for your website to only look good on the desktop. These days, people access the internet through a variety of devices, including tablets and smartphones. Our responsive design ensures that no matter what the device, your website will always looks good, improving your patient's browsing experience, keeping them coming back time and time again.

The Epitome of Professionalism

As a medical health care provider, your practice is a pillar of your community. Your professional integrity, reputation, and credibility reflect in the skillful design and presentation of our medical websites, where every element used is as precise and polished as possible to accurately reflect your status.

The Friendly Face of Your Practice

People rarely enjoy visiting their healthcare provider, so as the online branch of your practice, it is essential to present a friendly and approachable presence. Our designers and developers do not just create beautiful websites; we also make it easy to register, book appointments, and take other actions from home, increasing your patient interactions.

Educate and Inform Your Patients

Grow the influence of your practice as a leading provider of healthcare in your area with a website that offers information and other necessary resources. In sharing information, you are also building trust by giving your patients and broader audience an easy to find local resource.

Secure Patient Resources Online

Put power back in your patient's hands with our custom designed Content Management Systems that allow them to access their medical data from their device using your website. Not only does this drive your practice's productivity upwards, but it also improves the quality of service for your patients.

Build Trust Within Your Community

Convey how your staff's professional training, experience, and consummate professionalism have helped your patients with their medical issues by sharing your success stories online with testimonials. Our design builds on that trust with reassuring content that shows your practice at its very best.

Put Your Patient's Privacy First

HIPAA compliance for all data passing through your website guarantees that private medical data and financial records are kept secure and confidential at all times—and our focus on security is evident throughout the development, down to even the simplest of contact forms.

Search Engine Optimized for Improved Outreach

Put your medical health care practice one step ahead of your competitors, not just with a professional and secure website—but also with fully-optimized coding, design, and content. Our SEO-friendly coding drives you to the top of all major search engines, exposing you to more people and bringing more visitors to your practice.

Whether you operate on your own, run a larger practice, an urgent care center or are seeking a website for a hospital, 71Three has the experience and credentials to create a website design and marketing campaign that helps you reach out to new patients.

Our websites are more than just “online addresses”; they are built from the ground up around your unique needs down to the finest of details. From HIPAA compliant security systems and powerful CMS to keep your practice organized, our skilled engineers work with you at every step of the way to ensure that we meet—and exceed—your vision.

Our websites aim to position you not just as a friendly, trusted healthcare provider, but also one of the most dependable in your area. In short, our designs focus on making you the first port of call for both old patients and new, and a leading resource for medical information.

Let our website design build your practice as you focus on what you do best—serving your community.