It may not only be God who has the whole wide world in his hand anymore. Today, over 95% of Americans own a phone, with 77% of them owning a smartphone (source). With many spending up to 87 hours a month (source) on their small screen and using apps just as much as they browse their favorite internet sites, check their email and call friends. It should be no surprise that some businesses need more than just a website.

Mobile apps are an extension of your website (which we hope is responsive, maximizing its effectiveness!). Not only do they increase your online presence, but they also offer on the go accessibility that web browsers don't fully offer quite yet.

Despite a mobile app being one of the most effective digital tools out there, only 20% of American businesses are capitalizing on this rare opportunity (source). Whether an established business or a startup, apps can perform nearly any task you need, giving you an ability to create something that fills a gap in an app market that's far from crowded.

At 71Three, we create stunning, fully-featured mobile apps for Apple's iOS ecosystem and Google's Android marketplace. Our App developers have made apps for every purpose and can build the right platform for your needs, whether it is native, hybrid, or web. At the same time, our skilled mobile app designers can give your app a glossy presentation that stands out from the crowd, cementing your business as a leader in your industry.


We develop mobile apps that are designed to make a real impact on your business. Our app developers dedicate themselves to creating an app that doesn't just look good, but also offers a streamlined user experience that keeps users coming back.

Deciding on Your Operating System

Currently, the mobile app market is split into two clear camps: Apple's iOS and Android. These two mobile operating systems dominate the mobile landscape, with Windows coming a poor third. Our experts will help you to target the best system to use to achieve your goals by reaching out to the majority of your customers, ensuring that your brand is on the right system.

Determining the Purpose of Your App

Some apps exist to deliver content rich information, others to help users with a specific issue. As the app market has developed, users have developed expectations of how to navigate these apps, and our developers work with you to create an app that's unique, yet familiar enough to operate and digest easily. Through strategic content management, we help you to deliver a big message to the other side of the small screen.

Optimizing Your Mobile App for Devices

No matter how great an app is, if it is a resource hog, data eater, and battery drainer, users will delete it without second thought. Our app developers focus on delivering an app that has a quiet energy footprint while still delivering a content rich, visually appealing experience that doesn't overwhelm.

QA, Performance, and Updating

The mobile app landscape is a rapidly changing one, and new competitors emerge daily. For your app to retain its space in this market, it must continue delivering. Our developers tweak the experience, keeping it fresh and updated. At the same time, we constantly monitor your app's performance to fix bugs, add audience-pleasing improvements, and ensure that your app is a high-quality mobile experience that keeps people coming back.


Our experienced app developers have created apps that lead the market, integrating product strategy into the development process while creating the code and interface that streamlines access and engagement with your mobile business app.

At the same time, our mobile app designers work closely with our app developers to ensure that the UI and user experience is streamlined, increasing engagement and downloads of your app for marketplace domination.

By combining technical expertise with concentrated UX and UI design, we create productive apps that deliver solutions to your customers around the clock, marketing your business as a trusted brand.


The mobile market is one of the biggest, most underserved in the United States today. With many brands simply not providing a decent app experience, or simply not having one, having a professionally-designed mobile app puts your brand miles ahead of the competition immediately.

71Three is an award-winning web development agency with experienced app developers who build apps that deliver the exceptional performance that your audience seeks. Our apps are built using the latest tools and principles, delivering an experience that keeps users coming back, increasing the profile of your brand against your competitors.

We're here to put you in the hands and pockets of your audience and give them the tool that they've been waiting for, turning them into loyal customers.

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