Real Estate Web Design

Every month, roughly 400,000 homes are sold in the United States (source) to people across the nation. Whether selling their home or looking for a new nest, there's no denying that real estate is one of the biggest investments the average American will make in their life,and they want someone they trust to guide them through the process.

As a realtor, your website is one of the most valuable resources you have. A great site does not just exude authority and professionalism; it also gives potential leads the confidence to trust you to help them make the right choice while minimizing the risks that come with the industry.

More than just an exercise in branding and visibility ahead of your area competitors, a custom designed real estate website makes it easy for leads to choose you by prominently showing your properties, your relationship with auxiliary real estate service providers in your area and your track record.

At 71Three, we offer award-winning professional real estate website development and design that massively increases you own curb appeal, building your online presence and brand for an authority that underlines you as a leading realtor, all while optimizing your local profile on search engines.

Whether you are looking for a simple site or a fully-optimized powerhouse that fully sets you apart from your competition, our team of experts is here to help you with situations tailored to meet your every need. Life is already complicated enough: make the ride easier with a real estate website design that works around the clock for you.

Custom Content Management Systems (CMS)

You are always on the go—and with our custom CMS integrations, we ensure that you can access and manage your business on your mobile device. Whether updating listings, messaging your clients, or managing another aspect of your real estate business, our CMS makes it easy to run a business wherever you might be.

Fast, Responsive Design

More than any other industry, having a website that's optimized to show on mobile devices as well as desktops is crucial. Not only does this mean you can access our custom CMS quickly from anywhere, but that leads can quickly find you anywhere with a sleek, fast experience that outshines your competition.

Showcase Your Properties

In an age where many people see their prospective home online long before stepping foot in it, having a professional website with equally professional HD shots lets them peek indoors. Combined with easily-accessible contact details, your website becomes a virtual showroom for your portfolio.

Seamless Search for Individual Tastes

One person's castle might be another's hovel, and having a custom integrated search engine lets each visitor quickly find properties that not only match their budget, but also their tastes, preferred locations, and even for factors such as transportation and amenities, optimizing their on-site experience even further.

Accessible Contact Details, Testimonials, and More

Build your accessibility with clear contact details on every page, making it easy for prospective clients to get in touch. Combined with credibility-boosting testimonials from happy clients, authority-building reports and reviews, your real estate website displays that you are an influential local real estate agent.

The Devil is in the Details

People moving in from out of town, state, or country want to know more about their new location, and being the realtor with this vital information can be the very thing that makes them choose you over anyone else. With integrated information about local schools, facilities, and even different neighborhoods, you become the friendly face of the community.


More than just website development and design, 71Three builds a branding ecosystem around you based on trust, integrity, and professionalism. By combining beautiful visual elements that showcase your properties with a hard-working back-office that keeps you on top of your business wherever you are, we provide you with a full solution to your marketing and business needs, all in one package.

We understand how competitive your industry is, and how being the best requires going the extra mile. Our websites are business machines which constantly generate new leads through optimized content and design while keeping you at the top of your game with ongoing tweaking to ensure that your real estate website has the curb appeal that you and your customers deserve.

Real estate is an industry that keeps pace with a technological landscape that is changing at a breakneck pace. At 71Three, we create websites that give you the latest technology to keep you one step ahead of the game—and we are here to keep you there long into the future.