What's the best way to get your audience to sit up and take notice? The answer is easier than you might think in a world where complex solutions are the norm, but after you strip everything down to bare basics, it's the story you have to tell.

Humans are natural born storytellers, and we have been telling them since the dawn of civilization, tens of thousands of years ago. From ancient cave paintings in the south of France and epic sagas of love, war, betrayal, and more, to today's thrilling Hollywood blockbusters and NYT bestsellers, a good story is one of the greatest pleasures of life.

Your brand is another great story, and one of the easiest ways to hack into the primitive human brain and get your message embedded deeply inside your audience is to tell them yours. The most efficient delivery method? Animated videos.

Analysts have predicted that by 2019, 80% of all consumers in the United States will come through to your website from videos on social media and video sites, and that's not all; more than fifty-percent of today's leading marketing agencies confirm that videos have the best ROI of all the diverse methods used today. Google corroborates this evidence, showing that 68% of YouTube viewers typically make a purchasing decision after watching a video. If your business is looking to grow and expand its influence, video is the way forward.

At 71Three, we specialize in the development and creation of explainer videos and animated videos. Our skilled copywriters create compelling stories that hone your message to deliver a power script, which we then bring to life thanks to our equally talented animators and voice over actors. In short, this is a complete A to Z animated and explainer video service which delivers videos that convert.


Every business is different and serves a unique customer base with specific needs. Our team creates highly customized and personalized videos that do two things: first, to deliver a clear message that your customer understands. Second, to impress customers with your credentials and establish your brand's authority and expertise.

At the same time, we create videos that don't feel like a marketing exercise: these are helpful, engaging, and interesting videos that explain what you do in a nutshell while delivering information in a format that's proven to convert.

After all, people have plenty on their plate to deal with; why not make understanding your business and how it helps them to solve their problems as simple as possible?


Behind every great video, there is a roll call of experts working in unison to create something that's uniquely compelling, delivering on every promise to create a video that's truly exceptional. Our in-depth process starts by uncovering your unique message and ends with a complete video to use across all of your marketing channels with a simple click. We do the hard work so you can take the easy route to success.


All videos start with a meeting to dive deep into what you want to achieve with the video. We then explore concepts, developing a compelling story that delivers your business' message with crystal clarity


Before creating your video, we develop your storyboard and script, creating a style, and mood that's engaging and informative. Pre-production is also where we finalize the video's style and animations, putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

Creation, Production, and Post-Production

With everything in place for production to begin, our voice over artists, music producers, and animators work to create your animated explainer video. However, that is not all. Once your video finishes filming, it also undergoes rigorous post-production and editing to ensure that everything is perfect.


We offer a variety of animated video types, each one with its strengths.

With whiteboard and 2D cartoon animation videos, you get to deliver a stylized brand concept with a bright, creative art style that is proven to convert. We also offer Hollywood-style motion graphics for a dazzling flash of showmanship.

Deliver information to your audience with gorgeous animated infographics, or compel people with painstakingly artistic cutout animations.

For data-heavy videos, kinetic typography eliminates the dullness of blandly presented statistics with engaging, ever moving writing that keeps people watching to the end.

We help you to find the best style for your explainer video, delivering your message in the most effective way possible.


Animated videos don't just offer incredible conversion stats and remarkable ROI—they also combat today's ever decreasing attention spans. In an age of information, you need to grab attention and get the message across, fast.

At 71Three, we are here to help you tell your story effectively and engagingly, taking on the role of a full production company and pulling the diverse elements together for a captivating story that positions you as a leader in your industry.

Video marketing is where the action is. Let our videos take your brand into the heart of your audience, winning them over with expertly presented animation and storytelling.

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