Salon & Spa Web Design

Your salon and spa is a peaceful oasis, far from the rigors of modern day life. With attentive service, relaxing treatments, and all manner of pampering products, word of mouth has long been your best marketing tool.

You can more than quadruple the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and word of mouth with a strong branded online presence. With a visually-attractive website that showcases your luxurious, relaxing settings while providing accessibility to products, services, and bookings, you can step ahead of your offline competition—and with a friendly social media presence, you can connect with your customers easily.

71Three is an award-winning website design and development agency based out of Houston. Our team provides a complete digital solution, also catering for marketing, SEO, app development, and even videos. Let us help you to build a powerful brand that steps over your competition by reaching out to new customers.

You provide a world-class salon and spa experience, gifting your customers with a relaxing break from a hectic modern world: our job is to help those same men and women find you and book a long-overdue sessions with you, through smart digital strategies.

Build for Authoritative Credibility and E-commerce

People come to your salon or spa to relax and enjoy being pampered over. Online, your website shows off your services, and can also act as an online shopping portal to book services or have favorite products and merchandise shipped to their doorstep so they can recreate the relaxing experience at home. Our designs build your credibility and authority as a trusted provider in the community, while also opening a new revenue stream for your business.

Responsive Mobile Designs for Beautiful Looks

In an industry that centers on good looks and beauty, a website and branded presence that looks gorgeous across a range of devices is essential. Our responsive mobile designs look fantastic on a desktop screen and automatically mold themselves to smaller screens for a website that always looks good promoting your business.

Build a Close Relationship with Your Target Audience

Your products and services don't just make people look good—they also make them feel good. We develop an effective social media strategy that showcases your brand consistently on social media. Open a dialog with your customers, share the latest news and products, and build a loyal following of customers and real word of mouth support.

Dazzling, Visual, and Interactive Websites

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and our websites take a fashion designer's close eye for the little touches and details for a visual extravaganza that engages from the first page. Use virtual reality product testing, 360-degree views of your premises, create informative animated videos and more to create a website that's so much more than just a parked digital address.

Caring is Sharing with Expert Content

Our content strategy enables you to reach out with expert articles, press releases and more for a broader web presence that delivers the information your customers want. From event news through to your best “at home” beauty and self-care tips, our content organically attracts new leads to your website through search engines.

Laser-Targeted Branding for Increased Conversions

The health and beauty market is a fiercely competitive market at all levels. With a powerful brand that speaks directly to your ideal customer, you can push ahead of your competition to be seen and heard. We work to build a brand that's fully integrated into every part of your business, building a brand that's immediately recognizable, boosting your online presence while giving your offline marketing activities a significant lift.


At 71Three, we create a branded online marketing ecosystem that funnels both old and new customers to your salon. By zoning in on your unique business and what you offer to your customers, we create a design and message that speaks directly to people who seek to be pampered by professionals.

At the same time, we boost your social media marketing, building a friendly yet professional presence in your community. Our team works tirelessly to create a brand and business that becomes the go-to place for those in need of rest and relaxation, and expert advice that they can use for daily beauty routines at home.

In this competitive industry, our stunning web design combines with your brand and marketing presence to create a cohesive showcase that delivers a clear message: visiting your salon is more than just a quick break or consultation. It is a full-on, extravagant experience that will leave them feeling beautiful on the inside and the outside.