Your business is no shrinking wallflower, but Google's search ranking can be a cruel mistress if your website is not optimized; your marketing needs to hit the right audience to ensure that you are getting your message across to your customers.

Unless you get SEO and marketing just right, you are going to disappear into an ocean that's already overflowing with competition—and it is an ocean full of sharks. One of the best ways to increase business sales is to build a powerful web presence through strong branding, highly targeted marketing and a website that defines who you are and why people should pick you in a competitive marketplace.

Your website is only a small part of the online jigsaw puzzle when it comes to standing out. It is no longer enough just to look good. At 71Three, our SEO and marketing experts are here to help you rocket past your competition and get all the attention.

We are a Houston SEO company that delivers results, constantly working to improve your search ranking amongst your competitors. What's more, we also boast the most professional Houston marketing services. Why settle for just one when you can take both?

We make it simple so that you get more traffic and more business to grow your business—and not just in Houston, but wherever you are, from coast to coast.

The Complete Package: Online Marketing and Optimization

Our SEO services work by pushing you up Google's search rankings for specific keywords. When people type in that keyword, they will see your business, drastically increasing your chances of getting new leads.

Combined with our powerful marketing strategy, which focuses on what your audience craves and how your brand delivers it, we drive your conversion rates upwards, improve engagement, and give you an astounding return on your investment.

Unlike others, our marketing and SEO services come as a package, giving you a full online strategy that forces your target audience to sit up and pay attention.


At the heart of SEO and marketing lies convincing data

First things first: we never use black hat techniques, and we never will. The short-term gains can often lead to crippling losses down the road as Google's hammer falls on you, virtually blocking you from a web presence. Instead, we focus on white hat techniques which are approved by search engines. We are results-driven, and we do things the right way, the first time.

Discovering your Goals

Our first step is to fully understand your brief and conduct a thorough SEO audit, then dig deep into the data. We don't stop there: we also look at your competition and what they are doing. Finally, we find and target the best keywords to accomplish your goal.

Plotting a Strategy That Works

The best SEO and marketing campaigns start with a plan. At this stage, we begin to document how to implement yours. We focus on both on-site and off-site optimization, seeking to build a commanding presence that moves you up the rankings organically. We also create a comprehensive content schedule for content marketing and begin to document the goals by which the success of your strategy are measured.

Optimizing Your Website

Your site will be transformed textually to reflect the right keywords, so visitors find you organically. Behind the scenes, we edit your coding to tweak it for optimized information that search engines reward with higher rankings.

Content Marketing and Public Relations

Our schedule of content marketing builds your brand with engaging, compelling content that your target audience is looking for while building your authority as a leader in your industry. At the same time, we also work to grow your social media presence and gain influence by publishing content on other websites.

Detailed Monthly and Quarterly Reports

Every month, we analyze the results of our comprehensive marketing and SEO efforts, documenting it for you; and at the end of each quarter, we deliver an even more detailed overview, showing you the significant ROI that it has generated.


At 71Three, we live and breathe SEO and marketing. Our analytical skills combined with years of strategy and growth experience means that we can be an enormous driving force in increasing your business sales in the next few months.

However, it is not just about marketing. With web designers, app and web developers, branding specialists, and videographers on our team, we are determined on delivering a holistic marketing service that works at every level of your brand, giving your audience a consistent message.

71Three's comprehensive digital marketing and SEO strategy focuses on who you are and where you are going, tailoring the perfect fit for your brand. Start making a splash and dominate your part of the digital ocean with Houston's best marketing and SEO specialists.

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