A brand is so much more than just a logo; it represents your company's core ethos, its mission, and its vision. At the same time, it creates a recognizable visual stamp that builds trust with your core audience, making a presence that's as visible as it is authoritative.

Branding agencies can charge millions, even billions of dollars; Symantec spent 1.2bn on their rebrand, while BP spent a total of $211m. However, that does not mean you need to have a multi-million-dollar budget to rebrand: Google's world-conquering logo cost nothing to create—yet its familiar logo dominates the internet like no other brand.

At 71Three, we offer expert website branding services and excellent logo design to carve out your own identity in your field. We study your culture, creative identity, and more to create a brand that's unmistakably you, from the smallest details all the way up to the big picture.

Discover award-winning branding services from a world-class designing team that has worked with some of the world's most identified brands and craft a brand that's tailored perfectly to you — sending out a strong, clear message to your audience.


First impressions count and they can make or break your potential relationship with a customer. More than just polished visuals, a branding service sets the tone of your business, building bridges between your company and the wider community around it.

Whether you are a fun-loving company that wants to attract attention from the young, hip adult crowd, or need a more professional presence that emphasizes your authority and expertise, a brand can say it all with just a glance.


As the world grows smaller through technology, the competition between companies grows. Our logo design and branding services give you an identity that cuts across the clutter, putting you ahead of the pack. Our creative branding isn't just good-looking; it is also meaningful.

More than just branding for your website, we also create custom brand designs for your stationery, digital marketing, advertising, and much more. Wherever your business needs to go, we develop a brand that takes you there.


We have a web development process that works toward creating a fully-optimized website with a stunning UI and optimized functionality which is also secure. We do this via eight vital steps:

Exploring Your Brand

First, we get to know you and everything that's fundamental to your business' mission. We dive deep into everything that makes you unique, extracting the core values that drive the business forward.

Word Cloud

Words are powerful tools and a vital part of your branding. Our master wordsmiths and brand strategist create a word cloud and find the connections between words, finding key concepts that define who you are.

Sketching and Design

With the fundamentals of your brand secured, our team of brand developers sketches and designs a look that best encapsulates everything about you into pure visual design.

Review and Presentation

We review all our designs before presenting them to you to ensure that they meet our high standards—and then we unveil the concepts to you, showing you the best, listening carefully to your feedback.


Once you have approved a final design, we deliver a finalized branding design and logo that perfectly encapsulates who you are to your target market.


There are many branding agencies and logo designers in Houston, but none match our award-winning designing team's track record of excellence or experience with leading global brands today.

Our job is to make your branding process easy; a world-class brand effortlessly conveys its message to the whole world, bringing you straight into the minds of your target audience. At 71Three, we understand the process of creating a brand implicitly, delivering a brand service that delivers your message flawlessly.

With packages to suit every budget, we can help your business to get the recognition it deserves, all with compelling graphic design.

Results-driven creative solutions.

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