6 Keys to Increasing Your Website Conversion Rate

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Conversion rate – our favorite topic! Every business website should have an end goal, whether it’s the user filling out a form, making a purchase, subscribing to a service, or making an appointment. When a user performs one of these actions successfully, it is called a conversion.

Of course, you should aim to have as high a conversion rate as possible, but it is not always given the attention and effort it deserves. Everyone agrees that getting more visitors is directly proportional to achieving more sales or conversions. Still, many do not realize that it is much easier to get more sales by improving the conversion rate.

As one of the leading Houston web design companies, we want to clarify that implementing these tactics will not increase your website clicks, but rather help you get the most out of your existing traffic. This is more important than quantity because there is no benefit in having thousands of visitors if you can’t convert a good number of them into customers.

We share with you some insights that will help you transform visitors into customers, drastically increasing your website’s conversion rate.

Practical tips to have a website that converts

1. Invite action

Do your best to make the call-to-action buttons on your website stand out from the rest of the content. Action buttons such as “Buy,” “Register,” “Add to Cart,” or “Request Appointment” are what you want the customer to see, as this is what you want them to click on.

The buttons have to be well visible, and above all, they should be eye-catching in comparison to the other content. For example, if the predominant color on your page is red, then you could create blue or green action buttons, as they will be seen at first glance.

The size of the buttons is also essential: the bigger, the better, but do not overdo it. Eliminate links that may distract your visitors and take them to sites you don’t want them necessarily going to. The fewer options you give them to reach your goal, the less likely it is that the visitor will go to other sites that neither interest him nor you.

2. Reduce loading time

We talked about this recently in our article Common SEO Mistakes, so a slow loading time is a double whammy. Generally, users who enter a website that takes a long time to load abandon it. In fact, according to several studies, conversions drop by 1% for every 0.1-second increase in page response time, so it’s essential that your pages load quickly.

You can improve the loading time of your pages by reducing the size of images, cleaning up the code, and removing unnecessary elements. In addition to this, you can use various tools such as PageSpeed  to determine the loading times and locate the most significant points for improvement.

Another advantage of reducing the loading time of your web page is that Google considers it to rank you in search results. Therefore, the faster a web page loads, the easier it to rank higher in Google search results.

3. Build trust

Potential customers want to know who they are dealing with before buying or giving you their details. That’s why we recommend creating a complete “About Us” page. The more people know about you, the more likely they will convert. The email and phone number should always be visible, and if you can, include photos of yourself, your team, and your company.

Consider that the human component positively influences a person’s decision-making. A live chat is another helpful component for trust building. Not only does it help people who want to contact you, but it also shows the customer that you “exist”.

If your company or product is advertised on television or other essential media, show it to users. The media is a very high source of credibility. If a website has been in the media, the possibility that their customers make a purchase increases.

Also, use the logos or icons of Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, DHL, etc for accepting payments. Everyone knows these logos; if you place them on your website, people will feel more confident because they will see images of known elements. This tactic also helps to increase confidence in your business, because associating with larger brands makes your brand seem larger.

4. Simplify the purchase

Do not ask for too much information or use “captchas” for basic forms – if you want a captcha, then go with an invisible reCaptcha option offered by Google. A high percentage of user abandonment occurs when they’re being asked for too much information while making a purchase, or ridiculously long registration forms. Keep only what’s necessary! If it is not essential to know the customer’s date of birth, gender, or landline phone number, then don’t ask for it. The more questions the visitor sees when paying/registering, the more likely they will be overwhelmed and leave your website.

Sometimes, just a few adjustments in the purchase process can be enough to increase the website’s conversion rate significantly.

5. Create landing pages for each ad

Landing pages are ideal for gathering potential customers and encouraging them to purchase. These are single standalone web pages with only relevant information about a product or service, that also ties in with your ad copy and ad campaign.  Your potential customers will only see the information they are interested in and will be encouraged to make a purchase quickly. In addition to this, if you add a video related to the topic on the landing page, you can increase the conversion rate by over 75%.

6. Use testimonials 

Adding testimonials to your website works wonders. Many people are afraid to buy from an online store because they don’t know what to expect and are missing a factor of social proof.

When a visitor reads testimonials from other people who have already gone through the same process and have been satisfied, the likelihood of that visitor buying something significantly increases. If you have the opportunity, add photo or video testimonials. Providing visuals of real customers helps build visitors’ trust even more.

Increase conversions and boost your business

Getting website conversion rate increases is one of the most critical metrics for your business. Still, it’s also one of the most labor-intensive. You need to attract potential customers, offer helpful information, give them the best browsing experience on your website and make a purchase decision easy.

All these strategies have one thing in common: they are user-centric. To guarantee an exponential increase in conversions for your business, we recommend hiring a reputed and qualified web design company – get in touch!

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