Corporate Catering Concierge

The Problem

If you want to properly communicate that you are offering a high-quality service that is superior to your competitors, the best way to do so is to offer a personalized experience in absolutely everything - including your website. When they first came to us, Corporate Catering Concierge had an outdated website that did not portray their superiority well.

The Solution

You would think that for a catering website, the main thing we would focus on would be the delicious food, but in the case of C3’s web design, we were also working to convey their amazing professionalism. We achieved that through monochromatic images of professionals during corporate events, with just a touch of color where the food is. This allows the mind to comprehend the full extent of C3’s services while it still tickles the appetite. Since their business depends as much on their corporate clients as it does on their partnership with restaurants, we figured this approach would be effective in getting leads in both directions. We built and designed the front and back end of this website from scratch. In terms of functionality, we created it so that it is a scalable solution and lets them grow their business to other parts of the country without technical skills. We automated a big part of their operations that were time and energy consuming, including giving website visitors the option to search for menus based on vicinity, check out relevant locations and discover the perks that come with being a member of their C3 loyalty program. Clients can also leave a testimonial online. The optimization of all those processes led to an increase in sales and freed up a lot of time for the team to focus on growing and improving their company.

The Client

Corporate Catering Concierge is a catering company that provides a concierge service to companies by organizing corporate lunches and events. They connect thousands of firms across Greater-Houston with hundreds of restaurants, making it easy for such events to be organized without any hassle. The benefits they offer vary greatly - from a seamless experience to promoting great local foods and places, to making sure that their clients are always satisfied.