Pro Optix

The Problem

Everything changes, but in the world of technology things change a bit faster. When Pro Optix - a high end company that strives to provide excellence throughout - first came to us, their website did not reflect even a small portion of their professionalism. They did not get the amount of traffic they were hoping for and their conversion rate was practically zero.

The Solution

What is the first thing that you want from your eye doctor, or from someone who is recommending prescription glasses? We will tell you: it is the ability to trust them with your health, and that is even more true when it concerns something as important as your vision. While we were still in the research phase of our web design process, we made it our highest priority to convey trust and professionalism throughout the website. To do that, we revamped it so that it was obvious that they have been in the business for a good time, that they offer personalized services and that they have received multiple awards for what they do. This immediately got the attention of potential patients and both traffic and conversion rates surged. Something else that Pro Optix had a problem with was the fact that their old website did not showcase all of their services properly, and so they were missing out on potential clients and potential sales. When your service menu consists everything from laser eye surgery to branded eyewear, it is challenging to present it all in a way that does not confuse customers. Are you wondering how we managed to make all the services clear and obvious? We used very light colors - mainly white, throughout the website. We also featured crystal clear shots of the team on a blurry background to add a human touch, which positively encouraged the feeling of trust.

The Client

Pro Optix is an optometry clinic with two locations in the Houston, TX area. They offer a wide variety of services - from eye exams for everyone in your family to consultations for various surgical procedures. In both of their clinics, you will find high-end designer eyewear to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Dr. Sairah Malik and Dr. Sana Malik have been recognized for their great work with the OpenCare Optometry Patient's Choice Award for 2016.