S Mago CPA

The Problem

Due to exceptional quality work and service, S Mago CPA get most of their leads from recommendations, which is a sign of a great company. They needed a website that was as professional as they are, so we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

The Solution

In accordance with their branding guidelines, we emphasized their colors of white and dark blue, and stayed true to that throughout the website, even in the images that we used. Blue is the color of trust and intelligence, so it was not a surprise to us to discover that the color coordination was important to them. The team at S Mago CPA is proud of their positioning as serving businesses of all sizes - from small startups to larger corporations. When your business is successful and you just do not have the time to notice and take care of every little detail, you need reliable and experienced professionals to ensure that everything is done properly. To communicate the message that large, successful firms where things move fast could trust S Mago CPA with their accounting, tax and IRS representation, we were looking for something dynamic and decided on a full size, high quality video of the busy Houston downtown area for their home page. We also made sure that the website features the wide variety of services that S Mago CPA offers, so that potential clients could easily find exactly what they are looking for. We also worked on search engine optimization on each page of the website, which improved their ranking drastically. As a result of this, both traffic and conversion rate increased and S Mago CPA had a professional website that represented them perfectly, while also generating plenty of leads.

The Client

S Mago CPA is a certified accounting company that offers accounting services, tax services, business services and IRS representation to businesses from various industries including, but not limited to restaurant and hospitality, healthcare, construction, real estate and professional services. They have offices in Sugar Land, TX and Austin, TX, but their list of clients extends nationally.