Everything you need to know about Google My Business Statistics in 2022

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Nowadays, the Internet is considered to be an extension of information and rightly so! However, there is some information that only YOU can provide, such as your company’s data. As a business owner, you are the one who provides consumers with the information that they need to visit your store, buy your products or services.

Sharing information such as your company’s address, customer service hours, product prices, among others, is essential for consumers to find and do business with you. Therefore, it is necessary to have all this information in your Google business profile or Google My Business (GMB) listing.

Due to the advancement of technology that allows immediate access to information, Google My Business experts recommend that businesses with a website follow SEO practices to be successful. 

At 71Three, we want help you get started with your Google Business marketing strategy, so we will share some relevant Google My Business statistics to guide you in your marketing efforts. 

Relevant Google Local SEO statistics

One of the main ways to generate organic traffic for small businesses is local search. So you must absolutely consider local SEO if you want to improve your store’s visibility. First, however, you should know that a local SEO strategy is quite challenging to create without a specialist’s help.  

If you’re up for the challenge, we recommend first analyzing the important statistics to create an effective strategy:

84% of searches are focused on discovery

GMB statistics published by BrightLocal reflect that 84% of searches conducted about a business are focused on the discovery, so only 16% of searches are direct.

Discovery searches are those that users conduct by searching for what they need by category rather than searching for specific brands (e.g. Houston web design VS 71three). So in these searches, the average local business gets only 1,009 searches per month.

86% of people search for a business location using Google Maps

Google Maps is considered to be one of the most informative location tools. Being on a live map is beneficial to consumers because they can easily find the location of a business, along with key information. To ensure that a business is in control of their profile, it is essential that they claim the GMB listing, which can be done by verifying the ownership.

Over 500% increase in mobile queries with the keywords “where to buy and “near me.” Think with Google

It is crucial to consider these local SEO statistics directly from Google, because they have a high relevance for businesses that rely primarily on local consumers for their revenue.

For this reason, you must fine-tune your website for local SEO through Google My Business optimization. Your hours may be seasonal and your prices may be continuously changing, which is why Google recommends keeping profile up-to-date with the latest information. The more significance you give towards a positive customer experience, the better the results will be for your business.

88% of smartphone users visit a business within a week after finding it in a local search

Generally, people who do a local search have high purchase intent, according to statistics conducted by Google in 2016. Although this research was from a few years ago, it’s even more relevant today. Furthermore, the study reflects that 28% of local searches result in purchases.

Google My Business marketing stats

GMB’s profile allows you to provide information about your business quickly and easily in local search and on Google Maps. By optimizing your GMB listing considering relevant statistics, you increase the probability of users finding your business online, either by direct search or through discovery. 

Discover the information we have gathered about the most pertinent Google My Business marketing statistics below:

56% of local businesses still do not claim their GMB listing

To repeat it for stronger effect, it should be obvious by now that the GMB listing is of great value to your business because it provides consumers with the data that they seek. In spite of this, a study by LSA Insider shows that 56% of business owners aren’t privy to the value of having a GMB listing.

Businesses received a 61% increase in calls due to their Google My Business listing. Small Business Trends

A significant number of businesses were forced to close due to the pandemic. For this, many consumers sought to contact their favorite stores through their phone numbers to inquire about their status, changes in hours of operation, and whether or not they offered delivery services. These calls were possible because the companies had up-to-date contact information scattered throughout the web, all thanks to their GMB profile.

More than 5% of user visits to a Google My Business page end in conversion. Search Engine Journal

An average of 5% of visits that result in conversions or customer action may seem minor, but you must also consider that an average business receives approximately 1,009 views per month – that’s approximately 51 customers!

64% of users search for the Google My Business page of the company they are interested in to obtain contact information

GMB statistics published by BrightLocal state that 32% of local consumers search for a company’s data on its Google My Business page, because they trust that the information is up-to-date. As a result, 64% of users find the business profile with the information that they need in order to take the next step.

Share your business information using GMB and increases your sales

As a web design company that specializes in increasing leads, conversions and sales – we wholeheartedly recommend using GMB to effectively share your business information with consumers.

Your business can undoubtedly increase its sales if you make proper use of the data obtained from Google My Business statistics that we shared above. If you need our help to improve your business’s local visibility and attract more customers, get in touch!

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