Top 6 SEO Ranking Factors to Increase Web Traffic in 2022

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Having an active search engine strategy is vital for increasing the visibility of your business online. However, the game rules are constantly changing, and it is crucial to stay on top of new SEO trends to remain a part of them. Although the basic principles of SEO remain the same, algorithm updates and changes in search preferences mean that the execution of search strategies must evolve to continue to achieve positive results.

To help you maintain your traffic and keyword rankings, we share the top trends to stay ahead of the curve this 2022.

Top SEO ranking trends in 2022

At 71Three, we analyze the 6 top SEO trends in 2022. Implementing some of these ranking factors will ensure your website gets a boost in Google search results. If you prefer to hire a specialist instead, then this guide will be helpful (Houston SEO).

1. Core Web Vitals and User Experience Optimization 

Since last year, Core Web Vitals quantifiable user experience is officially a confirmed ranking factor in Google. Therefore, you need to maintain high functionality, stability, and speed on your website in 2022. 

Core Web Vitals includes the following performance metrics to consider:

  • Larger Content Image Processing (LCP): refers to the time it takes to load the largest content asset on the page. The most significant element is expected to take less than 2.5 seconds to load for the best ranking. 
  • First Input Delay (FID): refers to the length of time it takes for your website to respond to a user’s first interaction with the page.
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): considers the number of unexpected layout changes during the page’s lifetime. These changes in visual stability should be less than 0.1.

Improving the Core Web Vitals of your website will give you positive results in your website’s performance in Google. However, to have constant reports of its behavior regarding the user experience, you should stay tuned to Google Search Console reports. This way, you will be able to see if it meets the search engine’s standards, and you will be able to know the different problems that may be affecting your website.

2. The importance of primary and secondary keywords

Keyword research is the foundation of SEO, but as Google’s natural language processing advances, effectively targeting keywords becomes an increasingly painstaking process.

Search engines rank web pages by multiple keywords. One of the SEO trends for 2022 is to take this process to the next level by identifying different keywords and creating pages targeting those ” groups.” Furthermore, by trying to understand the context of the search and the user’s intent, this process is facilitated by providing answers through ideas complemented by primary and secondary keywords.

3. Mobile-optimized sites are a must-have

Since 2005, mobile compatibility has been a ranking factor in Google’s search engine. Still, by 2022 it will be more critical than ever. According to the Digital 2021 Global Overview Report, 55.7% of global web traffic comes from cell phones, making it the preferred channel for accessing the web worldwide.

Therefore, as part of the SEO trends of 2022, all pages that want to prioritize search engine positioning must be designed to be accessible to mobile devices. A website that is not compatible with mobile devices risks the loss of visitors, but above all, an imminent drop in its ranking.

Google offers several free tools to improve your website’s SEO. You can check the compatibility with mobile devices with the mobile optimization test or find out if there are functional problems with the “mobile usability” report. You can request the optimization of your website for mobile devices by contacting one of the Houston web design companies that offer this service.  

4. Videos are crucial to success

With the popularity of video platforms in recent years, it was only a matter of time before this format became vital in helping businesses expand their online positioning. Therefore, in 2022 one of the most beneficial SEO trends will be the implementation of Video Search Optimization (VSO) tactics for brands’ video channels and consequently for search engines. 

Including optimized videos on your platforms means that you must make them suitable to be indexed and ranked on search engines results pages such as YouTube and Vimeo. Some practices that can give you a better chance of ranking in this regard are: making sure videos have compelling descriptions, trending hashtags, relevant keywords, and high resolution.

On the other hand, supporting your strategy by incorporating optimized videos on your website can help you improve your business content plan. You can request this service from some of the best web design companies in Houston. In this way, you will increase the time users spend on the page, increase traffic and favor the positioning. If you want to read further on this, we wrote an article on the importance of videos on your landing page.

5. Optimizing for voice search is a new necessity 

The various technological advances in voice search are booming, so solutions such as Alexa and Google Home are popular. So it is not surprising that this technological development is part of the most exciting SEO trends of 2022.

Optimizing voice searches involves considering the questions users ask their devices and whose answers could lead them to your business. These phrases should be part of your keyword strategy. In addition, these keywords have to sound natural, have a medium-long length, and be forged in the way people talk-which is different from how they write.

6. Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to make a difference 

As SEO trends advance, artificial intelligence becomes increasingly crucial in relating to the content. AI can show users the information they are most interested in and need. 

By 2022, Google’s artificial intelligence algorithm, RankBrain, has become one of the most important ranking factors on the search engine results page (SERP). In this case, user experience, click-through rate, and the number of times people spend on your website are estimated to be the decisive factors influencing ranking.

Implement the most effective SEO trends for 2022

Keeping up with current SEO trends is critical for your website to rank above the competition. However, as we mentioned initially, the rules change for SEO, and staying up to date can take a lot of dedication. If you need help staying on top of new trends, consider expert advice. 

We recommend contacting a Houston web design company specializing in search engine optimization. This way, you will always be able to implement the latest SEO techniques in a practical, reliable, and customized way according to the characteristics of your business.

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