Videos: Why is it so important to include them on your landing page?

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A video is an excellent way shed some light on your brand and to quickly make your services known. On a landing page, a video quickly shows information about your product or service to potential customers, encouraging them to want to learn more. It is also one of the best ways to increase the click-through conversion rate.

Including your past work or customer feedback in videos is an excellent tactic to convince buyers to purchase a product or service. You can’t build a business without considering the customer. It isn’t easy to survive without customers and their opinions in today’s digital landscape.

Customers are the foundation of any business. A large part of the business’s success will depend on the excellent treatment and the importance given to its role. Therefore, your company’s marketing plan, objectives, tools, and communications must always have the customer in mind and work for him.

Suppose the customer is the real focus of your activity. In that case, you will know how to give him the importance and power to change the company with his testimonials. For this reason, nowadays, videos testimonials on landing pages are the cornerstone of your strategy. This trend is the best way to attract more customers, and you can take advantage of it.

Why are video testimonials important on landing pages?

Before deciding to make a purchase, most people want to know the opinions that other people have about a product or service they have already tried. This helps them estimate the result they will receive based on the different purchase experiences. 

In addition, being 100% authentic customer content helps increase the business’s trustworthiness by demonstrating the company’s transparency.

Another reason is the connection users can feel when viewing such testimonials, coming to feel reflected with customers, which helps to increase confidence in your words. Also, sometimes customers can reveal other positive aspects in their testimonial videos, thus increasing the product’s value.

Using videos on a website, according to Insivia, can increase conversions for your business by 80%. This is because videos are very effective at communicating a message, captivating the audience, and producing better results.

Incorporating a video testimonial on the landing page is a powerful marketing tool to educate, persuade and interact with your audience through video production. Below, we will share the main benefits of incorporating testimonial videos into your landing page.  

7 Benefits of including video testimonials on landing pages

1. WOM Effect

The WOM effect is an acronym for Word -Of-Mouth marketing and refers to the well-known and desired Word of Mouth recommendation. This is the best marketing tool since it is a direct recommendation from a trusted person. 

The connection with testimonial videos is so strong, because being visual images, they can achieve a special closeness with the viewers, giving them necessary confidence and security. In addition, according to a survey conducted by Neil Patel, 84% of respondents admitted to having been convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand video.

2. Generate more revenue

Testimonials are ideal for generating trust in your brand and solving doubts and objections that potential clients may have regarding your company’s product/service. 

Robert Cialdini, in this book “Influence: The Six Principles of Persuasion” dives deeper into the effectiveness of social proof. He refers to a study that indicates that using testimonials regularly can increase revenue by 62%. Moreover, statistics revealed by the Search Engine Journal show that using videos on a landing page can increase conversion by 86%.

3. Improve your Web Traffic and SEO

Websites that have used testimonials on their websites have seen a 45% increase in web traffic, perhaps the search engine Gods rank videos highly! One of the reasons for this is that average users spend 88% more time than usual on websites with videos, according to Forbes.

4. Generate an Emotional Connection 

Videos mix images and audio, and if you get this mix right, you can attract the audience, connect them with what you are showing and generate different emotions. Emotions are an essential part of a user’s purchase decision. Therefore, achieving an emotional connection with customers or potential customers can significantly benefit your company.

5. Simplify your message

One of the reasons companies require more and more videos is their ability to clarify the message. Viewers can watch a video, as long as it is well made and structured, and understand what the company is trying to convey without the viewers spending a lot of energy and time trying to decipher it by themselves.

6. Create stories that engage  

When presenting a testimonial video, what we are doing is telling viewers a story. If this story is well structured, the narrative can hold the viewer’s attention for a more extended period and convey a message effectively. This type of testimonial focused on storytelling could be longer videos, between 7 to 10 minutes, mini-documentary style, recreations, etc.

7. Greater Sharing Potential

According to studies conducted by a former YouTube engineer, videos are shared 1,200% more times than text and image content combined. The reason is the higher engagement generated by audiovisual pieces and the creativity each company adds to the content – making the content easier to absorb.

These are just some of the concrete benefits that we have seen that video testimonials provide to companies. If you search for tactics on sharing videos, you will find many opportunities to give your brand a face and a voice.

Increase your sales using video testimonials

To conclude this article, using video testimonials on landing pages is a sure way to increase conversions and positively impact visitors. 

Incorporating video testimonials is an ideal tool for landing pages because it builds trust with potential customers and generates more results. Take advantage of this effective marketing strategy to generate leads and get high conversions.  

We recommend that you look for a Houston web design company that offers the service of video testimonials with landing page optimization. The best web design companies in Houston have a team of experts who follow guidelines and apply various techniques to ensure maximum effectiveness of this type of video. If done correctly, you will be able to convert your website visitors into paying customers.

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