How to promote your Blog: 5 strategies to spread your content

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Promoting your blog is one of the tasks that every professional with a website on the internet simply must carry out. It may seem an irrelevant task, but it is one of the most crucial tools to help your website rank higher and provide something of value to your visitors.

Once you have generated original quality content and optimized it, you should strive to publicize your new articles and give them visibility.

Therefore, we will show you 5 of the best techniques to help give you the maximum possible visibility to your articles. These strategies are very effective, especially during the first few months of launching a website. This is because your website will be new and unindexed, which basically means that you will lack organic visibility in the world’s largest search engines.

1. Make a complete checklist beforehand

We recommend that you review fundamental aspects to increase traffic to your blog when you finish writing your article.

  • Read your article twice

After reading the article and putting yourself in your reader’s shoes, check that the entire text makes sense. It is essential to make sure that the text is understandable according to the level of knowledge of your target audience. Finally, check that each of the sentences and paragraphs makes sense in the general context of the content.

  • Check for spelling and grammatical accuracy

In our daily experience in reading, reviewing, and editing digital content, we have found that about 80% of blog articles published on the internet contain spelling errors.

We consider reading an article with multiple spelling mistakes is complicated, not to say that it gives a bad reputation to the article’s author. Therefore, if you publish an article, make sure it is understandable first.

  • Engaging introductions

Beyond the fact that the development of your post is interesting, the introduction must be able to catch the reader completely and quickly – we call this the hook! We know what readers will read first when they see the article. If the introduction does not invite them to continue reading, they will leave with their search intent on another page.

  • Consider the SEO aspects

If you are just starting out, we understand that you may not yet be agile enough to see how to best optimize your article. However, suppose you already know SEO and its vital importance within a content marketing strategy – in that case, you know that much of the organic positioning you acquire in search engines depends on internal optimization.

We recommend you emphasize these aspects:

  • Density in which the primary and secondary keywords are found (more SEO tips here)
  • The use of semantics
  • The use of long tails within the text
  • Verify that all of the images have ALT attributes
  • Correctly incorporate internal links to complement the information

2. Share the content on your social networks

After performing all these preliminary and internal checks, it’s time to get some awareness for your article. To do this, you must analyze the digital channels you are interested in promoting your blog.

We recommend you narrow down which platforms your target audience most often use. It is precisely on those social networks, where you should focus all of your efforts.

Sharing your content on your business’s Facebook page can be a good start if your target is there. Furthermore, if you want to boost its visibility, you can create a Facebook Ads campaign. Keep in mind, however, Facebook advertising support is horrible – so we recommend advertising with Google Ads instead.

You can also opt for your Twitter account, because the hashtags you select can give greater visibility to your articles to attract all those users who search for that similar hashtags in the internal search engine of the network.

Keep in mind that creating a social community around your brand is vital in attracting more recurring users that become loyal readers for your blog.

3. Link new posts to other related articles on your blog

It is advisable to internally link a recent article, as long as it is related to and complements some concept of another old article. This interlinking will favor your On-Page SEO. Moreover, you will also be bringing quality web traffic, as long as the context is related.

Remember to start with the ones generating the most traffic, so you will have more chances of getting qualified visits in the first few days and weeks.

4. Share the new content with your subscribers

Let’s suppose you already do Email Marketing, something we highly recommend! In that case, you must consider your subscriber community when promoting your blog.

If they subscribed voluntarily to your list, they will surely love to receive news and insights from you – where you get an opportunity to inform them of the new article you have just published.

5. Get backlinks to your new article 

To promote your blog through content like the one you just published, keep in mind that one of your goals should be to position it on the first page of Google’s SERP.

To achieve this, one of the most relevant SEO factors is that other websites link to you from their respective pages. Avoid paying for backlinks, we suggest that you get them organically! In this case, you can contact the managers and webmasters of other websites in your sector to see if they would allow you to publish a quality article on their blog as a guest.

Usually websites allow one or more links back to your blog, which will earn you a quality backlink and some awareness for the readers of their blogs. You would have also gained a network within your industry, which may benefit you in the future. We dived deeper into the importance of building website backlinks here.

To sum it up

If you want to manage these aspects on your own, then the tips we posted should make it easy to follow! If you would rather focus on your business and hand this responsibility to someone else, we recommend you contact a web design company. Whichever direction you go, you must follow this step-by-step guide to perform the necessary actions to promote your blog and its contents effectively, guaranteeing excellent results. 

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